New Booking System

Streamline Your Training Journey: Introducing TFA Flight Academy's Booking System

At TFA Flight Academy, we understand that pursuing your aviation goals requires organization and efficiency. That's why we're proud to introduce our user-friendly booking system, designed to simplify the process of scheduling your flight training, ground schools, and simulator sessions.

Seamless Scheduling at Your Fingertips

Our online booking system empowers you to take control of your training schedule with features inspired by industry-leading scheduling platforms like Booked Scheduler:

·         24/7 Availability: Manage your training around your busy lifestyle. Access the booking system any time, day or night, to view available slots and book your training sessions with ease.

·         Real-Time Visibility: Our intuitive calendar interface displays a clear and up-to-date view of available training slots for all courses, instructors, and aircraft simulators. No more wasted time calling or emailing to check availability.

·         Quick and Easy Booking: Found a time that fits your schedule? Book your training session in a matter of clicks. The system guides you through the booking process, ensuring all necessary details are confirmed.

·         Multiple Training Options: Whether you're interested in enrolling in a comprehensive type rating program, attending a ground school session, or refreshing your skills with a simulator refresher course, our booking system allows you to schedule all your training needs in one centralized location.

Enhanced Features for a Superior Training Experience

Beyond streamlined scheduling, our booking system offers additional features to enhance your training experience:

·         Automated Notifications: Receive instant confirmation emails and reminders upon booking a training session. Stay informed and never miss a scheduled session.

·         Instructor Preferences: Do you have a preferred instructor or simulator you'd like to utilize? Our system allows you to filter your search results based on your preferences, helping you create a personalized training experience.

·         Calendar Integration: Sync your training schedule with your personal calendar for a holistic view of your commitments. This ensures you can effectively manage your time and avoid scheduling conflicts.

·         Cancellation and Rescheduling: Life happens! Our booking system allows you to easily cancel or reschedule your training sessions with ample notice, subject to our established policy.

Benefits of Using Our Booking System:

·         Save Time: Eliminate the hassle of phone calls and emails. Book your training sessions quickly and efficiently on your own time.

·         Increased Flexibility: Schedule training that aligns with your busy schedule, maximizing your learning potential.

·         Improved Organization: Maintain a clear and centralized view of your entire training program, including dates, times, instructors, and locations.

·         Enhanced Communication: Stay informed with automatic notifications and confirmations, ensuring you're always prepared for your training sessions.

Getting Started with Our Booking System

Already Enrolled in a Program?

Fantastic! To access the many benefits of our online booking system, simply follow these steps:

1.    Create an Account: Visit our website and register for a free account.

2.    Explore Training Options: Browse the specific training modules and sessions included within your enrolled program curriculum.

3.    Access the Booking System: Once logged in, navigate to the dedicated booking system section within your account.

4.    Schedule Your Training: Select your desired training module or session, choose your preferred instructor and simulator (if applicable), and find a time slot that works for you.

5.    Confirm Your Booking: Review the details of your booking and confirm your selection. You'll receive an immediate confirmation email with all the essential information.

Considering Enrolling in a Program?

No problem! Explore our comprehensive selection of flight training programs, ground schools, and simulator courses to find the perfect fit for your aviation goals. Once you've enrolled, you'll gain access to the booking system and can follow the steps above to schedule your training with ease.

Taking Flight with Confidence

TFA Flight Academy is committed to providing you with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in your aviation journey. Our user-friendly booking system is just one example of our dedication to streamlining the training process and empowering you to take control of your path to becoming a skilled and confident pilot.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive training programs and experience the convenience of our online booking system!