Type Rating

Elevate Your Career with Type Rating Training at TFA Flight Academy

Unlock a World of Opportunities with Boeing B-737 NG and Airbus A320 Type Ratings

At TFA Flight Academy, we empower pilots of all backgrounds to achieve their career aspirations with our comprehensive type rating programs for the Boeing B-737 NG and Airbus A320. Whether you're an airline pilot seeking to expand your qualifications, a military pilot transitioning to civilian aviation, or an individual aiming to become an airline pilot, we offer tailored training solutions to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the cockpit.

Unmatched Resources and Expertise

We take pride in providing our students with an exceptional learning environment:

·         State-of-the-Art Equipment: Sharpen your skills on advanced flight training devices, flight management system trainers, and Level D simulators that mirror the actual aircraft you'll be flying. Our team of highly qualified technicians meticulously maintains all equipment, ensuring a seamless and realistic training experience.

·         Motivational Instructors: Our instructors are seasoned professionals, skilled not only in aircraft operation but also in effectively conveying complex aeronautical knowledge. Their dedication to your success fosters a challenging and motivating learning environment.

·         Investment in Your Future: We understand that your type rating training is an investment in your career. We strive to provide exceptional value, maximizing your learning potential while making the most of your time and resources.

Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in our type rating programs, you'll need to possess a minimum of an unrestricted FAA pilot certificate including:

·         Commercial Pilot Airplane

·         Multi-Engine Land

·         Instrument Airplane

Foreign License Holders:

If you hold a foreign pilot license, contact us to discuss license conversion options or training programs compliant with ICAO regulations.

Single-Engine Rating Holders:

We can help! Contact us to explore potential pathways to meet the necessary prerequisites for our type rating courses.

Simulator Training and Certification


Simulator-only training and certification require a minimum level of practical experience. For the Boeing B-737 NG program, you must meet at least one of the following:

·         Hold a type rating (no PIC limitation) in a multi-engine turbojet airplane.

·         Log 500 hours on B-737 aircraft.

·         Possess 1,000 hours of flight time in two different multi-engine turbojet airplanes.

·         Have logged 2,000 hours total flight time, with 500 hours in multi-engine turbine aircraft.

·         Be a U.S. Armed Forces pilot appointed as PIC in a multi-engine turbojet aircraft.

Limitation on Simulator-Only Training:

If you don't currently meet these requirements, you can still complete all simulator training and testing. However, you'll receive a limitation on your license stating: "The AMEL B-737 is subject to additional PIC limitations."

This limitation can be removed by fulfilling 25 hours of operating experience as PIC on a B-737 under the supervision of a qualified and current instructor. For most First Officer positions at airlines, this limitation shouldn't be an issue.

Aircraft in Focus:

Boeing 737 NG:

The Boeing 737 NG is a versatile and widely used short- to medium-range twinjet airliner renowned for its efficiency and reliability. Earning a type rating on the B-737 NG opens doors to exciting career opportunities with airlines across the globe.

Airbus A320:

The Airbus A320 family represents a highly successful line of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, twin-engine jet airliners. A type rating on the A320 allows you to tap into the vast network of airlines operating this aircraft type.

ATP Concurrent with Type Rating:

Qualified students can pursue the Air Transport Pilot (ATP) written test concurrently with their type rating training, maximizing their time and efficiency.

Program Details:

Training Duration:

·         Boeing B-737 NG - Regular Curriculum (F): Plan for 2-3 weeks (Daytona Beach International Airport location)

·         Boeing B-737 NG - Reduced Curriculum: Approximately 2 weeks

Flexible Scheduling:

We understand your time is valuable. We offer flexible class scheduling to accommodate your busy schedule.

High Altitude Endorsement:

High Altitude Training is mandatory for pilots operating the Boeing B-737 NG aircraft.

Investment in Your Success:

·         Boeing B-737 NG Premium Training: $14,990 (includes 6 simulator sessions, 10 hours of ground instruction, and 20 hours of ground instruction)